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Minutes of the Newkirk Chamber of Commerce

The meeting on Monday, February 5, 2018 was called to order by Board Member, Roy Chaney.  Other board members present were Marvin Johns and Kirk Brown.  Debbie Leaming and Theda Sheets, oncoming board members were also present.  The minutes and financial report were both approved on a motion by Kirk, seconded by Marvin.

The Secretary’s Report was read and discussed.

Old Business–Discussion of Annual Banquet.  Overall comments were very positive.  Suggestion was made that if we do another silent auction, we need to be sure to include it on all announcements, so people will know and be more likely to bring money to bid.  Announce other Chambers and introduce them.  Also, recognize city, county and other elected officials.  We may want to review and come up with another award or two but not overkill it.

New Business–Elect new Board Members Debbie Leaming and Theda Sheets.  The motion was made by Kirk and seconded by Marvin.  Motion passed.

A new person is needed on the bank account.  It was discussed the best option is someone who is in town most of the time.  Theda volunteered to be added.  When Glenna has the opportunity, she is to take care of the required paperwork with the bank and let Theda know when she needs to go by and sign.

Website update–it was discussed about how valuable a tool this is and the need to keep it updated and current–including removing outdated information.  It was agreed to provide the webmaster needed updates and have him complete the work asap.  It was discussed that we would spend up to $150. but expected it to be less.  Motion by Kirk, seconded by Marvin, approved.

Discuss emailing minutes to members–in the discussion, there seemed to be a consensus that the best way to do this was to post them on the website for everyone.

Meeting was adjourned on a motion by Kirk, seconded by Theda.

Respectfully submitted,

Roy Chaney, Board Member